insurance for peacemakers

PeaceWise is delighted to make available to anyone who has completed our training up to Mediation training the opportunity to take out low-cost professional indemnity insurance.

peace of mind while you are peacemaking…

… doesn’t come from having insurance – but from trusting in God and his Holy Spirit to empower and guide your work as a peacemaker!

But having insurance is nevertheless a prudent step to take when you are working as a peacemaker.

PeaceWise has sought to support the work of peacemaking by liaising with one of the world’s largest insurance broking firms, Marsh, to make it possible for you to obtain insurance without the hassle and at an affordable price. PeaceWise receives NO fee from doing this – we have done this simply as another way of supporting the work of peacemaking in our nation.

The insurance covers mediation, conflict coaching and a range of other peacemaking activities – see more details below.

what are the details of the insurance?

what does the insurance cover and who do I contact?

The way this insurance works is that there is a single “master policy”, and by applying for and being accepted for this insurance and paying the relevant premium, you will enjoy the benefits of this “umbrella policy” of insurance by becoming a person insured under the master policy.  

The policy has a “shared limit” (the insurance available for all the people it insures) of $4 million in total, and a maximum of $1 million for any one claim, and if you make a claim the excess (the amount you have to pay) is $1,000.   The cover is worldwide except for the USA.

The insurer is Vero Insurance Limited. The broker is Marsh, and they are the ones you should contact for more information about this insurance if you need it.

PeaceWise is NOT the insurer or the broker!  

For this reason, and under the Corporations Law, we cannot give you any advice in relation to this insurance or its suitability for you.

The Marsh summary document explains why you might need professional indemnity insurance if you do peacemaking work.

You MUST read the summary of the insurance by clicking on the button below – it contains vital information about the insurance, how it works and what it covers.

The contact at Marsh is:

Ms Nia PirAccount Executive  
Marsh Pty Ltd |One International Towers Sydney, 100 Barangaroo Avenue, SYDNEY NSW 2000
p: | f: 02 8864 7180 | e:

what is PeaceWise’s role?

PeaceWise’s only role in making this insurance available has been in working with Marsh and Vero to set up a tailored “master policy” insurance product which could be made available to you people who have done up to mediation level training.

As PeaceWise is the arranger of the master policy, Marsh provide us with the details of each person who takes up this insurance.

Because it is a master policy with a shared limit, this means that the insurance premiums and insurance cover of all persons included within the insurance are in some sense tied to each other – because what happens to one can affect the others.

what happens if there is a claim and do we need to tell PeaceWise?

If a claim is made, or circumstances arise which could give rise to a claim against you, then you need to let Marsh know immediately.

In addition, it is PeaceWise’s expectation that if at any time a claim is made against you that is covered by the insurance, you will let us know the broad nature of that claim (we want you to maintain confidentiality to the parties at all times).

We need to know this in the context of continually deciding who we refer cases to, and also because of the potential reputation issues of us referring cases to persons with claims against them.

On the more positive side, we also have a dedicated and experienced person who is available to provide pastoral support to mediators in the case of a claim being made against them connected with a case referred to them by PeaceWise, as we know this can be a stressful time.

If you tell us about a claim against you, it doesn’t mean we automatically won’t refer more cases to you – often mediation parties are taking their frustration out on the mediator unfairly! Although if there is misconduct involved, it will likely have that outcome.

However, if you don’t tell us there’s been a claim and we find out about it later, we will be disinclined to refer cases to you in future.

what activities are covered by this insurance?

Mediation, Adjudication, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution, Conflict Management, Facilitation, Community Engagement, Training, Coaching and Counselling, (also includes pre-mediation engagement, the actual mediation sessions, private sessions and drafting the settlement agreement with the parties).

what is the period of the insurance?

Normally it will run for one year from the time you take it out, and Marsh will advise you of the exact start and finish dates of your policy.

how much does it cost?

Because it’s a shared “master policy”, the exact cost is affected by:

  • how many people take up the insurance and
  • whether there are claims made against the policy.  

The more people insured, the less the cost (as there’s a bigger premium pool for the insurer).

The less claims that are made, the easier it is for the insurer to keep premiums lower (but they tend never to actually go down!)

At present, the cost including all statutory charges is typically under $400 per person per year.

do I need to have this insurance for PeaceWise to be able to refer me cases?

No. Not this specific insurance – you can go with whoever you want.

But you must confirm to us that you have some form of professional indemnity insurance with a reputable insurer for us to refer you cases.

how do I apply?

Just fill in the form below, then contact Kerri at Marsh (see details above) and he will advise you what else is needed to proceed.

Here’s the form to fill in – just click this link.

before you go…

God bless you for being willing to do the work of peacemaking – it’s a vital gift to our world.

We hope you find the option provided by this insurance is of real benefit to you in continuing to do this work.

God bless!

The team at PeaceWise