Would you consider partnering with PeaceWise?

PeaceWise wants to change the world, but we need your help.

It has been exciting to build real momentum in seeing vast numbers of people across Australia learning to live as peacemakers over the last couple of years with PeaceWiseKids and PeaceWiseYouth completed. Did you know we now have around 20,000 users, across 70 different schools and another 30 homeschools and churches?! We give thanks to God for this and the many people who made this possible by sharing in our vision and giving.

But we are only just getting started, for PeaceWise to build on this momentum we need your help.

In the first place, we ask that you join us in prayer. Be praying that we would be wise, faithful and courageous in following the new opportunities that God continues to bring before us. If you haven’t already, why not consider becoming a PeaceWise prayer partner? You can sign up to our prayer team through our website here.

But we would also like to ask if you would consider giving financially?

The finances we receive through training, PeaceWiseKids and PeaceWiseYouth sales help cover the costs of our day to day running. We remain dependent on people sharing our vision and giving for key projects and the capacity to take up new opportunities.

Some of the key projects we are investing in and trusting God for the resources to complete include:

  • updating our IT systems to manage the growing PeaceWise community.
  • developing a PeaceWise app that will allow people to have the 4G’s and all of our peacemaking tools at their fingertips to help people live as peacemakers.

On top of these projects, we are planning towards:

  • seeing PeaceWiseKids and PeaceWiseYouth go international,
  • we want to step more into the PeaceWise voice space, and
  • we are hearing from people that they would love an updated version of the Resolving Everyday Conflict Small Group Study kit which we are keen to update.

All these opportunities and projects cost money.

So, would you consider partnering with us and giving financially?  

You can make one-off gifts and regular gifts through our website here. We have some current specific financial needs in this space. Listen to Wayne’s June CEO update for more details about how you can help. As PeaceWise is a recognised ACNC charity, if you have a family or a discretionary trust that can give to Charities as a beneficiary class, please speak to your accountant about the tax effectiveness of distributing to PeaceWise as a beneficiary.