what’s a hub?

PeaceWise hubs are places that people interested in biblical peacemaking can connect, share and grow.

Hubs are informal meetings, where people can:

  • share stories of how they have used biblical peacemaking skills to resolve conflict and restore relationships
  • pray for and encourage each other
  • practise skills learnt in PeaceWise training
  • ask questions about anything to do with Peacemaking
  • make connections with others
  • learn more about what PeaceWise is doing and how to support PeaceWise in helping people respond in redemptive and uniquely Christian ways to the challenge of conflict
  • be creative and do other things – like play inspirational songs or videos or share about books or even worship together – there’s so many options!

An important element of hubs is that participants agree to keep confidential anything that is shared at a hub meeting.

You can visit any hub, any time. You don’t need to “join” – though coming along regularly will help you connect and form relationships with the people in the group.

why hubs?

hear all about PeaceWise hubs from Kevin Warner, our Hunter Region Ministry Coordinator

find a hub – we have both live and online meetings!

make a suggestion

If you have a…

  • suggestion of a good hub activity (especially if you can provide details of how to run it!)
  • question you think would be good for hubs
  • song or video you’d like to suggest we consider using in hubs or
  • anything else you think could help be a resource to hub meetings or help build hub communities, please get in touch with us