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what is PeaceWiseYou?

We ALL need help with conflict and challenging relationships!  But so rarely have we been taught how to bring peace – often we’d rather run or perhaps we feel like all we do is fight. 

PeaceWiseYou is all about helping YOU to grow personally in your ability to respond well to conflict and challenging relationships. To learn the skills and principles of peacemaking as things that you then carry with you for the rest of your life.

PeaceWise training brings both hope and help – and will draw you closer to God at the same time.

PeaceWise hubs are places that people interested in biblical peacemaking can connect, share and grow.

You can significantly change the nature of both your own relationships as well as be an influencer on the culture of the communities to which you belong – whether for your family, work, ministry or church relationship

On this page, you will find details of:

  • the various training you can take, first to learn how to respond well to conflict in your own life, then to be progressively equipped to help others who are in conflict as well.
  • hub meetings you can attend – where you can meet with others interested in peacemaking to learn, share and grow – both in person and also online via video

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You will learn how the Bible provides us with simple yet powerful peacemaking principles for resolving conflict, which can help us see how conflict can be an opportunity to…

glorify God

serve others

grow to be like Christ

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The purpose of mediation training is to equip you to use a Christian mediation process to help reconcile two or more people who cannot resolve a conflict on their own.

“It was great to see so clearly that the gospel was driving every aspect of the course.”

training attendee

“Fabulous course. Great framework for understanding a biblical foundation for peacemaking. I love that the material caters for a range of learners.”

training attendee

upcoming training events

PeaceWise hubs are places that people interested in biblical peacemaking can connect, share and grow.

Everyone is welcome whether you’ve done PeaceWise training or not.

You can visit any hub, any time. We have both in person hubs and hubs that operate through online video conferencing – so location isn’t an issue!

You don’t need to “join” – though coming along regularly will help you connect and form relationships with the people in the group.

View all our upcoming hubs below.

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