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First, we are so sorry you are facing conflict that is causing you pain. We hope to be able to help you, and to bring the hope of the God of peace into your situation. PeaceWise assesses and can provide PeaceWiseHelp conciliators who can help you in your conflict. All PeaceWiseHelp conflict coaches and mediators have been trained by PeaceWise and through PeaceWise are appointed to serve conflicting parties in their situation.

What are the distinctives of our PeaceWiseHelp conflict coaching or mediation approach?

We will gently encourage you to consider what God’s word is calling you to do to make peace.

Our framework will help you work not only at the relational level but also through the issues in dispute.

Churches, schools, ministries, workplaces, family, marriages and other situations

our approach to making peace

conflict is normal, but God and his word provide real help.

We all struggle with conflict. As Christians, we often feel discouraged, guilty sad and or angry because we’re in a conflict and don’t know what to do. Or we may be conscious that we’ve behaved badly, but don’t know how to turn the situation around.

The great news is that the Bible is full of incredible, life-changing, practical wisdom on how to respond to conflict in ways that please and honour God and bring peace.

If you haven’t been to our site or used biblical peacemaking before, we strongly recommend you start by reading the Personal peacemaking principles. These are foundational to a Christian response to conflict – even if you are seeking the help of a PeaceWiseHelp conflict coach or mediator.

We believe that conflict brings with it the opportunities to:

Glorify God

Serve others

Grow to be like Christ

You will be encouraged to pray into what God is doing in the conflict and the part you may play in this.

Whilst PeaceWiseHelp conflict coaching and PeaceWiseHelp mediation are the two main processes we use, we can also discuss other options with you which may be suitable for your situation (eg. facilitated conversation, adjudication etc.).

but do you only focus on relationships and not the issues?

Sometimes people read all this and think “Oh – it’s all just soft relational stuff – but I have really hard practical, material, financial or other issues that need working through.” It’s OK. We focus on these issues too, and know that they are also critically important. It’s just that if you try to address these issues without dealing seriously in the relational space, the outcomes will be only superficial and rarely long-lasting.

Put another way, we invariably find that if serious progress is made at the relational level, this is what provides the key to dealing more constructively and effectively with the material issues.

how we can help…

PeaceWiseHelp conflict coaching

PeaceWiseHelp conflict coaching involves you receiving help from a person whose whole role is to help you to deal with a conflict situation in a godly way.

They will listen deeply, pray with you, explore the issues involved with you, invite you to bring God into the centre of the conflict and help you plan the best way to move forward.

PeaceWiseHelp mediation

A PeaceWiseHelp mediation involves two or more parties getting help for a situation that has become too hard for them to address themselves.

You will meet with your PeaceWiseHelp mediators first so they can hear your story, build rapport and do private
PeaceWiseHelp conflict coaching with you.

Then the PeaceWiseHelp mediators will bring the parties together to use a structured PeaceWiseHelp mediation process to seek to work through the issues in a God-pleasing way which brings restoration and resolution.

For organisations who wish to reference PeaceWise as the independent body able to assist with unresolved complaints or issues, we have guidance and a suggested wording you can use.

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