PeaceWiseKids and PeaceWiseYouth terms and conditions

These provisions reflect our mutual commitment to integrity and are really important – so please do read them!

These terms and conditions ensure we are all on the same page both relationally and legally. 

They are designed to ensure that you know how PeaceWiseKids and PeaceWiseYouth courses (PeaceWise Courses) work and how the licences which cover them apply.

They are also important so that our intellectual property and the revenue which we derive from PeaceWise Courses is protected, as these are fundamental to our being able to continue to serve more and more people and grow the impact of the work we do to build peacemakers for life.

The things we commit to you:

PeaceWise Courses are made available by way of an annual licence for each user 

By paying PeaceWise for a PeaceWise Course licence, the user obtains the right to a non-exclusive annual licence to use all the materials in that course for the purpose covered by the licence type selected. The licence period is linked to the school year of the country you are in.During your licence period, we will give you online access to the relevant PeaceWise Course materials, and if you are the teacher, you will have online access to the teacher portal in which lesson plans, course resources and other support materials are found.Important to understand: Licences cover the relevant licensed school year only. So, if a user doesn’t use a licence during the licence term, or doesn’t finish a PeaceWise Course, the licence still expires – licences cannot be “rolled over” to cover future periods. The analogy is any software licence you might have for software on your computer – the licence is for a given period, and then a new licence is needed to cover any future period after that.Handy tip: If you wish to purchase a PeaceWise Course in the school term immediately before the full school year for which the course is intended to be taught, we will also extend your licence to cover this period as well. For example, if you are in Australia, and wished to purchase in November, we would run the licence from November of that year through to December of the following year.

  • This can enable advance preparation for teachers before the time comes to actually deliver the course in question.
  • As another example of the use of this option, you could start teaching a course with students in Term 4 of a year and then teach those same students using the same licences to complete that same course (but not another course) in the following year.

Customer support

We will provide a ticketed support service for issues which arise or questions you may have in relation to teaching or using a PeaceWise Course.Given we are a not for profit charity with limited resources, although we will always seek to respond in as timely a way as possible, we cannot guarantee particular turnaround times for all circumstances

Variations to these terms can be made over time, but not to current licence fees or periods

  • We may vary or update these terms and conditions from time to time, and such changes will take effect from the time the change is made on this website or otherwise notified to you. 
  • We will not make any changes which have adverse retrospective effect on any user. 
  • We will also not change any licence period or fee once a licence has been granted to a user.
The things you commit to us:

Each user of a PeaceWise Course must be covered by a licence that applies to the particular teaching of the course that is occurring

  • There are different kinds of licences for different PeaceWise Courses, with different pricing structures that apply.
  • Each student of a PeaceWise Course must have a licence. The licence must be of a kind that permits their use of the course in the context in which it is being taught – for example, a school, a home school, a family or a church. 
  • This means you must purchase one licence for each person teaching the course, and one licence for each student learning the course.
  • The licence fee is a single bundled fee for each user, which covers all the relevant materials which comprise the course in question, including a student engagement resource (one or more out of workbook/journal/online access) where offered (Courses 2-7). The licence fee cannot be “unbundled” to be a lesser fee without the student engagement resource.
  • Licences which have been allocated to a user but not used are transferable to another person. However, once a licence has been used, it is not transferable to another person. 
  • The only exception to the requirement to have one licence per user is in the case of Group Presentation licences which cover teaching to multiple students. Group Presentation licences are only available for use in churches, families and school scripture and are not available for school use. Group Presentation licences do not include a student engagement resource for the students. If student engagement resources are required for this context, individual licence pricing should be used. For Group Presentation licences, the number of students being taught must not exceed the number of students covered by the licence which has been purchased.

Courses can only be used for the purpose and in the context for which the licence purchased applies

  • Each licence permits use of a PeaceWise Course for a specific purpose and context, and pricing is calculated accordingly.
  • Each user can only use PeaceWise Course content for the purpose and in the context for which the licence in question applies.
  • Therefore, for example, if a licence is purchased for school use, a user cannot then show or use content from the relevant PeaceWiseCourse for another purpose – such as showing a video as part of a kids’ talk in a church.
  • Once a licence ends, a user cannot continue to use the content in the PeaceWise Course to which the licence relates unless a new licence is purchased to cover that user for a new licence period.

You will not improperly use our intellectual property

  • Each user of a PeaceWise Course understands and agrees that all content within every PeaceWise Courses is copyright and owned by PeaceWise.
  • Each user agrees not to use this intellectual property in any way other than as permitted by the licence applicable to that user.
  • In particular, each user agrees not to copy, adapt or reproduce any part of the intellectual property in any PeaceWise Course for any purpose other than for the purpose and context covered by the licence applicable to that user.
  • Handy tip: In certain cases, we may provide you with an additional licence for no additional fee to use images from the PeaceWise Courses within your organisational context. For example, for schools who have purchased A$1,000 plus GST worth of PeaceWise Course materials, we will provide a licence to use PeaceWise Course images in diaries/handbooks/calendars or for presentations and communication within the school community. If you are interested in this possibility, please contact us – we have a simple one page licence to cover this additional permitted usage.