Everyday Peacemaking online for mission

Working cross-culturally, brings unique challenges (e.g understanding how to navigate cultural differences in responding to conflict). This training will equip participants to know how to apply biblical principles to conflict when working cross-culturally. It will be of particular interest to people working in cross-cultural settings or serving in multi-national teams, attending cross-cultural churches & pastors seeking to better those coming from different cultures to their own.

In this training designed for those involved with missions, you will learn a simple framework for understanding and dealing with conflict 

  • gain powerful peacemaking principles and relational tools
  • understand the biblical foundations of peace and reconciliation
  • discover gracious ways to deal with difficult people
  • have time to reflect upon your personal experience of conflict and peacemaking
  • learn how you can begin supporting and building a culture of peace in your community/spheres of influence
  • discover opportunities to glorify God, serve others and grow to be like Christ, even in the midst of conflict.

For persons such as those in full time pastoral ministry, teachers or lawyers, if the content of the training is relevant to your professional development or continuing accreditation or education requirements you may claim one 'unit' for each hour of attendance, subject to the rules of the relevant programme.

Please be aware that the hard copy materials required for this course will be posted to all delegates upon registration. If you register within 7 days of the event we can not guarantee the materials will arrive before the event. Should this be the case we will supply an electronic version of the required materials 

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