free webinar – navigating community conflict: what Christian leaders need to stay steady at the helm

In this webinar

Would you like to be more effective and proactive as a Christian leader in addressing conflict in your organisation?

Alan Kelshaw’s book Navigating Community Conflict has been written exactly for this purpose. It is designed to equip you as you navigate conflict to the glory of God and the health of your community.

In this 35min live webinar recorded on Tues 28 November 2023, Alan discussed with PeaceWise CEO Wayne Forward his reasons for writing the book and how it can be of assistance to those in leadership:

  • welcome and introduction (0:00)
  • who the book is for (0:37)
  • what he learnt about God and from scripture while writing (2:19)
  • what the book covers (5:59)
  • how the book can be useful for Christian leaders (15:24)
  • an overview of the HELM principle (16:10)

There is an insightful Q&A session included at the end of the video (22:46).

​​​​​​​Who we are

PeaceWise is a Christian not-for-profit organisation who serve across Australia teaching conflict coaching, mediating, creating resources for adults and children and helping communities build cultures of peace.

All our work is aimed at helping you respond well to conflict and challenging situations and build healthier relationships – help you become the peacemaker God wants you to be!

Watch the webinar

You can watch the recording of the webinar video below!

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