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get a free one hour introduction to biblical peacemaking!

Have PeaceWise come and deliver a free one hour presentation at your place!

PeaceWise wants to share the incredible blessings of handling conflict God’s way. Ask us to come and share directly with your group for free!

Maybe you’ve heard of PeaceWise, or been to our training and you’d love some help to show others how powerful learning biblical peacemaking principles can be. Because you know that when you see the gospel of peace in action, it can strengthen and rebuild relationships with others in a way nothing else can.

Maybe you want to encourage others to come and do PeaceWise training or to run a Resolving Everyday Conflict course at your place?  Or just to get others excited about learning peacemaking.

If so, then this FREE one hour presentation is just what you need!

We have many people trained in many parts of the country.  These people are ready and willing to come to you to present a FREE one hour introductory presentation on biblical peacemaking and PeaceWise.

The presentation is called Help and hope for handling conflict God’s way! and will be presented by one of PeaceWise’s volunteers.

What does the free one hour introduction to biblical peacemaking presentation cover?

  • a high level introduction to what the Bible teaches about handling conflict God’s way
  • a personal testimony of how the principles have impacted the life of the presenter
  • an encouragement to think of some personal application for you in your life
  • an introduction to PeaceWise and ways that you can go deeper with these principles, including an invitation to come to further training or join one of the PeaceWise “hubs”

Every participant will receive a printed summary of some key principles.  We send this to you beforehand and you print it out. If you wish, you can also purchase a Personal Peacemaking Principles brochure to give to each participant.  The cost is $1 per brochure.

So, if you’d like to explore the option of us coming to present at your school, workplace, church or other venue, contact us!

We can discuss how we can make it happen.

We can’t guarantee to be able to come “anywhere, anytime”, but we do have people in most capital cities and also some rural areas.

So just fill in the form below and let’s see what we can do!

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