beyond a training day – bring a culture of peace to your organisation

The key to changing behaviour and culture is to be intentional about doing it. This needs more than a desire – it needs an achievable plan. And it needs someone who’s knows what they are doing to help you succeed.

Organisational wide training is a great first step toward building a culture of peace but training alone will not bring it about. To see a culture of peace emerge in your school, church, business, community or even family takes time. It also requires intentional steps, prayer, wisdom and SUPPORT. This is where PeaceWise partnerships come in. PeaceWise partnerships are focused on helping you succeed in building a culture of peace.

We talk about YOUR goals and objectives

We agree the plan

Then we work with you to achieve it!

The video below follows the peacemaking journey of Melton Christian College and how they have gone about creating a culture of peace in their College. It’s a wonderful example of what’s possible when organisations pursue a culture of peace!

benefits of our peacemaking partnerships

Peacemaking partnerships are focused on helping organisations of all different shapes and sizes put into action the principles and practices outlined with the PeaceWise training. No two partnership arrangements are the same, with each being tailored to best suit each individual organisations goals, vision and needs. Taking the step to enter into a PeaceWise partnership is the best single step an organisation can take to truly embed peacemaking into their organisation. Some of the many benefits that come with a PeaceWise partnership include:

  • formation of an individualised, wholistic, intentional strategic plan as well as a peacemaking pathway for building a culture of peace in your context
  • access to experienced peacemaking consultants to work with you in bringing about change and support you through the journey
  • discounts to PeaceWise training resources
  • cultivation of a culture of peace that reduces conflict, helps improve organisational wide communication and reflects the love of God
  • tailored training to help address specific barriers to building a culture of peace in your context

every program is tailor made – we start by listening to you!

Because we know that everyone’s needs are unique a Peacemaking partnership begins with us listening to you share about what you would like to see emerge. Of course as we listen we will also ask questions to help stretch your thinking to see new possibilities and envision what a peacemaking culture could look like in your context. Through the process we will also help you in thinking through what practical steps you could take to begin moving towards this vision. Ultimately this will lead to the formation of a peacemaking pathway that we will capture and use to guide us together on a journey of building an alternative culture in your organisation; A culture of peace, of Shalom!  

“It was great to see so clearly that the gospel was driving every aspect of the course.”

training attendee

“Fabulous course. Great framework for understanding a biblical foundation for peacemaking. I love that the material caters for a range of learners.”

training attendee

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