Advanced Mediation Preparation Material

Thank you for registering for Advanced Mediation training!

As is typical of PeaceWise training events, you will need to plan your time wisely during this training event. We have purposely designed the schedule to be demanding. Please make every effort to arrive on time.   Registration is at 8:10am and we will begin promptly at 8:30am and finish at 5pm.

Please bring your copy ofĀ The Peacemaker. In addition, you should bring your Bible, notepaper and a pen or pencil.

Appropriate dress at the training event is casual. Please bring a light layer for warmth in case the hosting site has a particularly active cooling system.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea are included in your training fee. Please email if you require a vegetarian meal or you have dietary restrictions (allergies).

In order to be properly prepared for the course there are some pre-course things we need you to do. These are very important.

All of the pre-course assignments have been designed to help maximise your learning experience. You may already have completed some aspects of this preparation in doing other PeaceWise training before this event.

  1. You should already have readĀ The Peacemaker by Ken SandeĀ as part of your preparation for Conflict Coaching and Mediation.
    This resource is helpful for understanding a foundational biblical theology of resolving conflict and is the basis for all PeaceWise training. It is vital that you have read this book before attending, as the basic concepts are assumed knowledge for this training.
  2. Download and readĀ What is Christian Mediation?Ā  and ourĀ sampleĀ Mediation Agreement.
  3. Please download the following and do what each dot point says you need to with each of these items:
  4. Please familiarise yourself with the Venue. We have noted how to get to your course and parking details on ourĀ locationsĀ page. Your venue is listed in the initialĀ confirmation email you received from us.

Please let us know if you have any problems accessing the content aboveĀ and we look forward to seeing you at the training. šŸ™‚

The PeaceWise Team