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Building a culture of peace - Train the Trainer Free Register interest
Heart of Peacemaking for Schools Free Register interest
PeaceWise in action - practical advice for everyday situations Free Register interest
The Heart of Everyday Peacemaking Free
PeaceWiseYou - for individuals
Everyday Peacemaking online for mission $135.00 Register interest
Advanced Mediation $578.00 Register interest
Deeper into Conflict Coaching $49.00 16 Aug
Deeper into Conflict Coaching (online) $49.00 15 Oct
Deeper into Conflict Coaching (online) $282.00
Everyday Conflict Coaching Free 17 Jun
Everyday Conflict Coaching (online) $49.00 01 May
Everyday Conflict Coaching (online) $160.00 Register interest
Everyday Peacemaking Free 18 May
Everyday Peacemaking (online) $149.00 Register interest
Everyday Peacemaking for schools $162.00 Register interest
Everyday Peacemaking for schools (online) $49.00 14 Mar
Heart of Peacemaking Free 15 Jun
Heart of Peacemaking (online) $49.00 19 Mar
Heart of Peacemaking (online) $149.00 Register interest
Mediation $434.00 Register interest
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